Enhance your toolbox

Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions, Horse massage, Relax, Release, Rejuvenate, donkeys, mules

What equines to consider

  • Horses
  • Miniatures (horses, donkeys, mules)
  • Donkeys
  • Mules
  • Draft horses
  • Companion horses

Let massage be a tool in your toolbox

Whether you are a trainer, horse owner or care taker, we all know you have your best intentions for your horses overall wellbeing.  Massage can be a valuable asset in your toolbox to consider.  As we start and continue to progress with your horse, massage therapy could be considered part of your overall care routine.  We partner with veterinarians, farriers, nutritionists, trainers and you to help develop therapy solutions that best suit your horses individual needs.

Here are some out of the ordinary but everyday examples of when massage could be considered in your toolbox:

Before and after an event

  • Competition in and out of the arena
  • Long trailer ride
  • Clinics
  • Branding, sorting, calving season
  • Training

Before or after situations that may bring stress or change to your horse

  • Trailer rides
  • Dentals
  • Farrier
  • Post Surgery
  • Retiring
  • Stall restrictions

When your routine changes

  • Your pack animals before and after your hunting trip
  • Going into training
  • Trauma or accidents
  • Season changes (ex: increasing riding during Spring)

Change of environment

  • Adopted rescue horses
  • Loss of a companion or buddy in the barn
  • Change of seasons (ex: not able to be exercised as much in Winter)
  • New to the barn or area