Equine Massage Therapy & Red Light/Near Infrared Therapy

How we can help

Every horse can benefit from massage.  Massage addresses muscle tension, increases circulation and movement. Through massge we can help with flexibility, prevention of injuries with pre and post event massage and aid in rehabilitation.  Whether your horse is a pasture boss to a weekend pleasure ride to a highly competitive athlete, massage can only optimize their overall health and performance. 

Red Light therapy has been incorporated with massage session or as a standalone modality. Red Light therapy helps the equine heal quicker, decrease inflammation, discomfort and works on a cellular level. 

 Making your horse feel forever young  is our mission.


Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions, Horse Massage, Equine Massage, Horse health, Muscle, relax

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Increasing lymph movement 
  • Immune system support
  • Improve recovery time from workouts or injury
  • Muscle health and tone
  • Assessing structural imbalances
  • Emotional health
  • Relief of muscle tension
  • Stress release

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Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions, horse, jumper, hunter, trail horse, mule, donkey, colorado


Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions, Equine health, modalities, horse massage, holistic, natural


Forever Young Equine Therapy, Horse health, sore back, recovery, rehabilitation, massage, muscle