Sponsored Rider - Nathalie Snyder


Nathalie Snyder with Rascal and Rummy!!  What an amazing addition!  Nathalie has barrel raced for over 10 years.  She is a current member of the WPRA, Mile Hi Barrel Racing Association, The Southern Colorado Barrel Racing Association, Better Barrel Racing Association, and NBHA CO-03.  She recently filled her goal of filling her WPRA permit in her first year and she was also in the top 5 in the SCBRA in 2018!  Nathalie is very excited to start using Forever Young Equine Therapy in her program!


Sponsored Rider - Amanda Meier



 I've called these two a dynamic duo to watch and grateful to have her on our team!
Amanda grew up loving horses and a passion to ride. She received her first horse at age nine but riding long before then including spending weekends at her cousins enjoying their horses as well as her neighbors.  She was involved in 4-H, National Little Britches Association and Youth Little Britches. After high school she went on to rodeo for Casper College competing in barrel racing, goat tying and breakaway roping. She graduated with an Ag Business degree an came back to Colorado to pursue a degree in Medical Assisting. Amanda is married and has two young children who you can usually find traveling to barrel races or obstacle challenges with her. She enjoys spending time with her kids and riding. She recently won the National Western Stock Show Horseman’s Challenge Intermediate Division and Speed Challenge! She says that she is honored to be sponsored by Forever Young Equine.


Calista Boyer Pitman - Boyer Performance Horses



I am very excited that Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions has partnered up and is sponsoring Boyer Pitman with Boyer Performance Horses!  She has a unique and inspiring story of how she got to where she is - hard work, open mindedness, willingness and eagerness to learn as well as to keep following your dreams!  She focus's on the owner as well as the horse and their communication together!  Here's a little bit about this talented trainer, remarkable horsewoman and rider:

Calista was born and raised on a small farm in Black Forest , CO. She was involved in the care of the animals since before she can remember. Calista doesn’t know the first time she sat on a horse but she can’t remember a day without them. She started in 4-H with showing horses and livestock that they raised.  After a couple years of showing, she decided that she would dedicate her time to the families market calves and breeding heifers for the show ring as their farm horses were not the competitive type.  

 At 15 Calista joined Shane Brown Performances Horses at Pine Run Ranch. Hired as a stable hand, Shane knew her interest and talent in riding and was on horses as much as possible through the time she was there. After graduating high school, she joined Aldridge Performance Horses in Mango, Florida. She spent a couple years as an assistant for George and Lisa Aldridge learning all aspects of training horses and people along with understanding the performance horse training and show industry.

 Calista returned to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2013 and decided she wanted to train horses on her own. A good friend helped her start her own training business by using social media. It was a very slow start but eventually she did gain enough business to lease stalls at a small facility and really start full time training. 

Training horses and helping people understand their horses is a lifelong passion of Calista’s and she truly wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.
 Calista Boyer is currently at LATIGO in Elbert, CO. She manages the boarding barn and Boyer Performance Horses at Latigo. Specializing in Western Dressage, Reining, Hunter Under Saddle, Ranch Riding and some Cow Horse.
I'm very excited for this woman's future in the horse industry!


Maddie & Bryson Wagner - Wagner Training Co

Bryson Wagner, Wagner Training, Equine, Cow horse, ranch versatility, quarter horse, Colorado

Madeline Wagner, Bryson Wagner, Wagner Training, Elizabeth, Colorado, Horse training, 4-H horses

Madeline Wagner, Equine massage, Drill team, rescue horses, patriotic, western riding, horse show

Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions is very excited to be sponsoring Madeline Wagner and Bryson Wagner of Wagner Training Co.!  These two go above and beyond in the horse community, are both amazing horsemen (and woman) and overall great people at heart!  I've worked with them in a training atmosphere and their horses have seen the benefits from massage therapy already - I'm really looking forward to this partnership!

Maddie and Bryson met in college while they were both working on their Equine Degrees.  Competing together on the college Ranch Horse Versatility team got them excited about building a horse training business together.

Maddie's childhood riding experiences mainly focused around The Westernaires and Trail riding. It was at Westernaires where she learned the value of volunteerism, and after getting her two equine degrees, she completed an internship under Vernon Performance horses, and went on to work at Saddle Up Foundation. Shortly after graduation, she began as a volunteer coach for the Elizabeth based drill team, The Blazing Saddles. She is in her fourth season of coaching the team and is now The President of the organization. Nursing school takes up some of her daytime hours, and the rest of the time is spent training horses, coaching clients, and helping new families become horse owners in the Elbert County Area.

Bryson is a United States Army Veteran who started working towards his Equine Degrees after being honorably discharged. Bryson's early horse experiences centered around 4H, Rodeo, Ranch Work and Colt starting. After graduating with his degree in Equine Management, he interred for Darren Miller.  He spends most of his days on the back of a horse training and working cattle and fills evening hours with lessons and colt starting at various locations in Douglas and Elbert Counties.

Maddie and Bryson focus their training methods around natural horsemanship.  Wagner Training company offers colt starting, problem solving, refreshing of skills, helping riders gain courage and confidence, de-sensitizing, trailer loading, drill team and working ranch horse.  Maddie and Bryson are also available for new purchase evaluations, and helping families, new to the horse world, get started.

Bryson Wagner, Wagner Training, Equine, Cow horse, ranch versatility, quarter horse, Colorado

A little insight into Wagner Training:  We are a small business! We moved onto property that will take a long time to improve! We feel truly blessed to have 5 sheds with horse runs, a hay barn, and a round pen! Soon we will have an outdoor arena!  We don’t have fancy stalls and an indoor, but what we do have, is a lot of open air, a trail course, and room to ride around the pasture!  Our horses are happy and healthy! They have pasture time, fresh water, exercise, and quiet dark nights!  We don’t show at huge shows, and we can’t afford $50,000 horses, but, we love to volunteer and can be seen at several shows around Colorado!  Bryson is active in 4H and enjoys helping with the horse projects, ranch horse, and trail riders!  Maddie is active with The Blazing Saddles Drill Team and Parker Trail Riders!  We can be seen showing with PTR, AHA, 4H, COCS, CoWN, SHOT, and much more! When we show, we show our personal horses as well as client horses. We sometimes show horses that buck and spook! We often don’t win, and that’s okay!  When we show we take clients that are just there to have fun, and that’s okay!  Now don’t get me wrong, we love to win, but we also stand behind a bigger picture!  Here at Wagner training It’s about helping someone overcome their fears! It’s about helping a little girl achieve her dreams. It’s about teaching someone the first time they swing a leg over!! It’s about being role models to the next young cowboy and cowgirl!   It’s about saving the horse that no one else wanted and making him great for what he is, not what we want him to be!  We help people who aren’t ready or never want to show! We train a lot of horses that no one sees because we are just making them safe for families to ride at their house! Horse Training for us is not about winning the belt buckle and having the fanciest horse in the parking lot, but more about making a positive impact on that horse or that owner.  We hope you will consider bringing your horse to us, or coming to visit for a lesson! We will continue to have clinics  and look forward to seeing you there!  -Bryson and Maddie Wagner

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I believe in our communities, equine health and education, supporting local, youth development, building relationships in the horse world and of course having fun!


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