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Therapeutic Massage

Aids in overall health and wellbeing.  It uses long soothing strokes in combination with some kneading/compression.  Therapeutic Massage promotes immune and circulatory function, improved muscle and skin tone, healthy digestion and comfort.

Forever Young Equine Therapy Solutions, Horse massage, equine massage, barrel racing, quarter horse

Sports Massage

Aids in prevention of injuries as premaintenance and loosens muscles and joints to reduce stiffness and soreness through pre and post event massage.  Warming the muscles prior to an event by promoting increased circulation, flexibility and muscle energy helps to reduce the probability of injury.  Cooling down, relaxing and helping the body to stimulate a release of waste byproducts (lactic acid) after exercise or an event increases the horses ability for a quicker recovery time.  

Forever young Equine therapy solutions, release, yawn, muscle release, equine health, horse massage

Advanced/Senior Massage

Aids in overall health and comfort by  supporting organ functions, increased lymphatic movement, circulatory system, relieves stress and benefit on an emotional level.  Massage can positively impact the horses mental wellbeing  along with their physical abilities.   

Red Light Therapy


What is Red Light/Near Infrared Therapy?

It's a non invasive approach to help increase the rate of healing (what the equine body naturally wants) in the body.  Injuries  have the ability to heal quicker with less scarring, inflammation and discomfort.  The pad is versatile to treat different areas of the body.


Briefly - How it Works

Two specific light wavelengths are used at a cellular level.  Visible red wavelength can stimulate trigger points, treat wounds and the near infrared wavelength is able to go on a deeper level to help heal soft tissue injuries, bones joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves.  


More Information

To learn more visit  They have research articles, photos, testimonials and more!

Massage and Red Light/Near Infrared therapy, in any way, does not substitute veterinary care. 



Equine Massage Therapy

Upon our massage session I will use a variety of techniques unique to your horse's needs that can include a mixture from all three types of massages.

 Our competitive pricing is $65 per session plus possible travel fee depending on your location. 


Sessions range in time (average is 45 min to 90 min depending on your horses size, needs, attention span and their receptivity).

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy with Massage Therapy - $99

Includes up to three 15 minute cycles

Red Light Therapy Only - $45

Includes up to three 15 minute cycles

Equine Massage Discounts

Multiple equine - 3 or more, same day and location $55/session

Ask about discounts for equines only used for therapy

Event pricing - call, text, Facebook, email or face to face bookings on the day of the event.  

Red Light Therapy Package

5 Light Therapy sessions - $175

*Payment due in full for multiple session discount

CBD Products

CBD, Canine CBD, Equine CBD, Anxiety, Tension, Relief, Oral, Pellets, Oil, rocky mountain girls hemp

Here to help with your, your pets and equine's CBD needs. Helping the body heal itself!

I am a distributor for Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp.  

Products are made  in Colorado,

0.0% THC, organic, 3rd party tested and people/animal approved!

**Distributor code WATKINSCBD**

Contact me and/or visit



Canine & Pet




  • Sample packs - Equine pellets available
  • 250mg/500mg oil/tincture
  • Equine pellets
  • Soft dogs chews
  • 250mg/500mg flavored oil/tinctured
  • 1000mg salve
  • Soft gels


Ziva the Diva has almost completed her 60 days on hemp pellets. She recently went to a show were she had more focus than usual and did not have the soreness issues after a long weekend event. She recovers well from work outs and has increased focus.
– Allison M


After hearing all the good reports with the equine pellets, I decided to try it on my 14 year old Cairn Terrier. After only 4 days I have been able to wean him off his pain meds completely and is doing really well! Definitely a skip in his step and a step in the right direction! Thank you!!!
-Pamela P.


This is Scott. He is a deaf, ulcer prone cribber with claustrophobia issues. I have had Scott on this product for a couple of months now. His anxiety is almost completely gone. No more dancing in the trailer. He sleeps at the trailer now. He is eating like a pig and happy. Can’t say enough about this product.
-Tracey F M